Icon of the Virgin Enthroned (Panselinos, 1290) – T99


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This is one of a superb pair of matching icons of Christ Pantocrator and the Virgin with Child that was painted by the famous iconographer Manuel Panselinos, one of the principle iconographers of the Macedonian icon school.  It is located on the iconostasis of the main Protaton Church at the adminstrative capital of Karyes on the Holy Mountain.  This is classical iconography at its finest, with the serenity and majesty of Heaven shining on earth to uplift our hearts from the world of men to the World of God in Heaven.

The Virgin Mary’s figure appears to float above her throne, as the white embroidered material behind her contrasts with the reds and purples of her robe.  Christ sits serenely and gently on her lap holding a scroll in His left hand signifying the fulfillment of the wisdom of the Prophets that foretold Him, blessing all the Faithful.  The Virgin unusually looks directly towards the Faithful too, inviting them to join with her prayer of intercession to her Divine Son for the whole world.  O Holy Mother of God, pray to Him for us, and spread your holy veil over us in loving protection!

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Protaton Church, Karyes, Mt. Athos, Greece


13th c. (Late)


Panselinos, Manuel